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ISLAND AMPLIFIER – BEKO Elektronik, Amplifier Repair, Alpha Restoration Parts


ISLAND AMPLIFIER was founded by John Stanford, KF6I, in 2014.  ISLAND AMPLIFIER offers 1) BEKO Elektronik Sales & Service for US, Canada and Central America, 2) Professional HF amplifier repair service and 3) Legacy products to extend the life of ETO ALPHA BRAND AMPLIFIERS used in amateur radio communications.  These amplifiers include the Alpha 274, 374, 374A, 76A, 77Sx, 77Dx, 78, 91A and 99 models.  Please refer to the Tork Technologies, LLC tab for information about EMC consulting services.

BEKO Sales & Service

Island Amplifier USA is your one-stop, exclusive sales & service point for all BEKO Elektronik products made in Germany by Bernhard Korte.  SSB Electronics, Array Solutions are others are no longer supplying BEKO products.

Amplifier Repair

John is experienced in the repair of any brand of HF linear amplifier, both vacuum tube and solid-state technologies, including ACOM, ALPHA, BTI, Command Technologies, Collins, HEATHKIT, ICOM, KENWOOD, Mentron, Ten-Tec, YAESU and others.  John specializes in the repair of legacy and new ALPHA Amplifiers.  He can be contacted at (714) 412-7399 or

Alpha Legacy Products – History

In 2014, John was approached by Mac McCullough, W5MC, to develop a replacement HV diode assembly for his Alpha 77Sx amplifier.  Mac had just upgraded his amplifier with a new transformer and capacitor and wanted to replace the high voltage rectifier board with a modern, up-to-date design.  John and Mac collaborated on the development of this board …. the rest is history.  Thirty assemblies have been installed.

John began servicing HF linear amplifiers professionally in 2014.  One need that immediately arose in the repair efforts was a replacement panel for the Alpha 76A and Alpha 78 series of amplifiers.  A problem with the original paint used on many legacy Alpha amplifiers leaves the panel gooey, sticky and prone to scratches after a few years.

To solve this problem, John began to manufacture replacement front panels for the Alpha 76A, 78 and 374A amplifiers.  In 2016, John added U-covers, or wrappers, for the same amplifiers.  In 2017, John added Alpha 77Sx and 77Dx front, top and side panels to the growing list of products.

Product Offerings

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7 thoughts on “ISLAND AMPLIFIER – BEKO Elektronik, Amplifier Repair, Alpha Restoration Parts

  1. John rebuilt my Ameritron 811H which arrived damaged by Fedex this past summer (2019). It took him almost 3 months to not only repair the electronic miscue i caused. (a 811 tube had a hole burned through it) and to replace frame and cover damaged during shipping. The Amp is now better than new with new 572B tubes , the latest protective upgrades, a replaced capacitor that had touching plates. I am glad i had the patience to wait. The amp performs better than it ever did and power produced is crisp and clean with less exciter influence than i needed before. If you are looking for a quick fix, I wouldn’t recommend John. His work is careful, thoughtful and meticulous. He is a perfectionist. If you value your equipment and plan on having it last a lifetime or two. Let John get his hands on it. I would say he is one of the best in the business.

  2. Have had 1 transaction with John so far. Very impressed with John’s customer service approach. He’ll figure out a way to help you.

    Nice website John and best of luck with Island Amplifier.


    Noll W9RN

    1. Thanks Noll. Website is in its infancy. Curious how you found it.


      1. Hi John, was on QTH.COM , classified . Saw ad for panels and a website listed which piqued my curiosity .

        Noticed your mention of working on BTI’s. Have a LK-2000HD which hasn’t been fired up for over a decade . Afraid to turn on now. Too bad you are so far away .

        Checked the June issue of QST. Didn’t see any ads for Island . Maybe that’s next ? DID see on page 133 good sized ad from Alpha RF systems which actually surprised me a bit .



        1. Hi Norm,

          Ok. Thanks. I just updated the QTH listings. No ads in QST yet.

          Yes, the BTI I have has the 3-1000 tube in it. I still have it but it’s really clunky. Big footprint and has mechanical issues and missing parts. But it works.

          I’ll be at Dayton this weekend. Maybe see you there.


          1. Unfortunately I won’t be there but some of the GMDXA will. Stop by in the flea market … 9066 – 9068. N9AW, Jerry is a 9500 owner . He’s selling some of my odds and ends .

            Have fun !

            Noll W9RN

  3. Great website John!

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