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Current price is $5,490.
Due to increasing cost of materials, 10% price increase went into effect on July 1, 2022.
Make a down payment today for $1,000 plus CC/Paypal fee or $1,000 (cash/check).
You will be notified for balance of invoice ($4,490) 2 weeks prior to shipment.
Any questions, please call Island Amplifier at (714) 412-7399, ask for John, or simply send your $1,000 check with contact information to Island Amplifier (QRZ.com: KF6I)


The B26-PA RF2K-S HF LDMOS LINEAR AMPLIFIER  is available from Island Amplifier USA … finished, plug-n-play, fully-tested and FCC-APPROVED.
The Kit has GROWN-UP!


  • Frequency Range: 1.8-30 MHz and 50-54.2 MHz
  • RF-Output: 1,500 Watts(+/- 0.5 dB on 6m), 800 W output on 110 Vac.
  • Exciter Drive Level: 50 Watts
  • Efficiency: Up to 70% varies by band
  • Dual LDMOS devices rated at 3,400 Watts.
  • TX/RX switching: <1 mS PIN-Diode switching (for real fast QSK without relay noise)
  • Internal Automatic Antenna Tuner ( unlimited Memories ) – Can match up to 3:1 SWR
  • Tuner can store values for the 4 internal antennas and up to 16 external antennas
  • 1X TRX and 4x Antennas built in, 16 external antennas using external antenna switch
  • Excellent signal quality
  • Predistortion -55 dB output port
  • 7-inch Color Touch Screen
  • Multiple user selectable displays
  • Whisper quiet operation due to speed controlled low noise fans
  • Dual LDMOS devices rated at 3,400 Watts
  • Very fast RF sense…fast enough for high-speed CW and QSK
  • YAESU BCD Band DATA output for external devices
  • CAT Connectivity through USB
  • CAT/Radio data through IP ( UDP )
  • TCI interface supporting SunSDR EESDR®
  • LAN Connectivity (for remote access via Internet)
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity (Client mode )
  • Power meter from 1 W through 2 kW
  • Software Update via Internet
  • Remote Internet operation via PC, Tablet or cell phone
  • Supports platforms such as Apple® IOS, Android®, Linux® and Windows®
  • External Power/ON applying +12V
  • Quiet internal PSU 90-290 Vac, 1-phase
  • 800W output 110 VAC;  full power at 230 VAC
  • Dimensions HWD: 7.4 x 12.2 x 16.7 inch. / 19 x 31 x 42.5 cm
  • Weight: 35.2 lbs / 16 Kg
  • FCC approved  – FCC ID:2AW84RF2K-S


Click here for the latest manual:


1) Anything you need to know about this exquisite amplifier is quickly answered by the creator, Reinhard.
Contact Reinhard in Germany at:  +49(0) 9192-99 66 89
2) This WEBSITE…
Or contact John Stanford in California at:  (714) 412-7399
John provides a US warranty service and technical support.
3) A very large RF-KIT product support community at Groups.io exists with more than 1,500 members.
or if you are already a member…


This is a completed amplifier, ready to use, nothing else to buy.


The RF2K-S amplifier is shipped direct from Germany.


Approximately 3 months.  We hope to pull this in soon.

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